S11竞猜平台机械自动化设备(上海)有限公司是一家集机械加工、工业铝型材应用、工业品MRO备品备件代理、设备贸易、工业自动化设备集成的公司,主要代理及经销的产品有:蔡司工业测量机、德国ABNOX涂胶泵的、Staubli机器人、美国milwaukee工具、Atlas copco扭矩工具的代理和经销。以及汽车行业装配领域的非标自动化应用、工装夹具、检具等产品的设计、加工、组装、和现场调试业务。

       SongHe Machinery Automation Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional company of industrial automation manufacturing, mainly engaged in  product design, manufacture, assembly, and commissioning services for non-standard automation , fixtures, and gages ect.

      The company can provide customers with a variety of turnkey automation systems (including hardware and software development, equipment manufacturing, systems integration, installation, commissioning, training, comprehensive solution).


     The company is committed to high-level, high-tech research and development. Especially in automotive , electronics, electric industry, and has cooperate with domestic and foreign companies for mating design, non-standard assembly and testing and fixture.



      根据客户的实际需要进行适应性的设计制造, 非标设计各种机械零部件、工装夹具及模具,涵盖组装线、流水线、涂装、切割、检测等工业设备。

      Adaptive design and manufacturing is according to the actual needs of customers. Non-standard design of various mechanical parts, fixture and mold, include assembly line, coating, incision

, testing and other industrial equipment.


      Product quality is the life, we always put quality first. Customers can not only get high-quality products, but also enjoy impeccable service. Under client's ongoing guidance and businesses continuous accumulating, our company has formed its own brand.

     企业文化:严谨关爱 、  协作发展 、  和谐企业

     Corporate Culture: rigorous caring, cooperative development and harmonious business